The waves kept drifting without fatigue
Gone my love for you
The river is always far and near so that the beloved boat can float

Far away the boat loves to go somewhere
Every day, there is no one next to me who will share this happy and sad
Can't forget like you can't love
Well, stop wearing the drifting boat

Still know that but why my love heart is in place
It will forever be like this boat where to head for the waves

Love is love, but there is no one in the heart
The pain is painful but the love must break up
For the day after no longer, each other was happy to mention each other's names

Even though tomorrow he is not with me even if he is helpless tomorrow
Even if tomorrow is silent in me
Even though tomorrow is no longer you in life
She had for someone who had left and loved her because anyone had forgotten my body
So far away from each other, every step of love is sad.

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