Van Nho

Gradually sad wandering on the road
Quietly looking autumn brings leaves falling on the shelf
Alone, I miss anyone like a wilderness
A love of ice love my unilateral love

She was as beautiful as a bright star in the sky
Beautiful smile is bright like sunflower
Cold, I step through the fresh and clear flowers
Leaving him ecstatic in his dream

A love affair that I have for myself
Although the years passed, there are still
Know how to love you, love you, hope you in your heart
But can't say it, I love you.

Walk and don't think
Even though I don't need you, I still need you
Even though I went far away from your dream
I keep myself in my heart

Will forever dream about you, my dear
His dream love, he secretly wished once
To hug you in your arms and walk together in love
Together, dream drunk
Will be together forever ...

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